Irvin talks Tebow and Super Bowl

The Super Bowl?

Really, Michael Irvin?

In a world where many NFL analysts don’t believe the option offense that Denver is running with young quarterback Tim Tebow will result in long-term success, Irvin does – big time.

Check out what Irvin said on the NFL Network about the Broncos’ chances with Tebow leading the way:

“When I say ‘I believe,’ I’m talking about I believe Tebow can get this team to a Super Bowl because there has been in a shift in power in the AFC. It’s shifted to the NFC … We say run the ball, stop the run and don’t turn the ball over. That’s exactly what Tebow is doing right now.”

My take on Irvin’s thoughts? Less settle down and see how Tebow develops. But any Super Bowl talk at this point has to be in the infant stages to say the least. Denver is 5-5 and currently in second place in the AFC West.

Friday, the day after Tebow led Denver to its fourth win in his five starts this season, Denver coach John Fox said he wished Tebow would receive more support and be scrutinized less.

Well, Irvin’s words can’t be more supportive.