Would Andy Reid make sense in San Diego?

With Norv Turner virtually assured of being fired as the coach of the 4-7 Chargers, a team that has lost six straight games, it is natural for names of potential successors to be bandied about.

Among the names are usual suspects Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher, Jon Gruden and Brian Billick. More names will emerge, however.

One name to keep an eye on is Philadelphia coach Andy Reid. Even though there have been indications that Reid, who has been the Eagles coach since 1999, may be safe, restless Eagles fans want Reid to pay for the Eagles’ disappointing 4-8 season. If the Eagles continue to falter, Reid could be let go.

I have been asked often if I think Reid would be a good fit in San Diego and my answer is a resounding yes.

Reid is an upper-echelon coach. Don't be swayed by the Eagles’ poor season. If Turner is fired and Reid is available, he should be a top candidate.

I think he would be a fit in San Diego if general manager A.J. Smith stays or if he is let go. Reid has worked with general managers in Philadelphia and he doesn’t seem like he’d have a problem having a football boss.

He’d be a good fit with quarterback Philip Rivers, and I think he could do nice things with the Chargers’ offense. Reid, 53, is one of the more respected coaches in the NFL, thus, he’d likely be able to attract a strong coaching staff.

Reid is from Los Angeles and would likely love to go to San Diego.

I think the only question if Reid is fired is if he’d want to take a year off. Often, when coaches end a long relationship with a team, they want to take a year off -- see Jeff Fisher and Mike Shanahan.

If Turner is fired, it could be too appealing for Reid to pass up if he’s available. I’m not saying this is a sure pairing. But if everything falls into place, I could see it happening.