Will Peyton Manning end up in AFC West?

It is not too early to wonder where Peyton Manning will be playing next season. If the Colts end up with the No. 1 pick, don’t trade it and take Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, and if the Colts decide against keeping both players, Manning could be traded or released.

In an Insider piece, Mel Kiper looks at the teams that he thinks are the most likely destinations for Manning if he becomes available. The Chiefs are fourth on his list. I could see the reason why, but I’d be surprised if it happened. Still, Kiper correctly, in my opinion, argues the Chiefs would be the team to beat in the West with Manning as their quarterback. The combination of a healthy Kansas City roster and Manning would be pretty nice.

I think the Broncos should be on this list. Yes, I know Tim Tebow is there (how could I forget). But the truth is, the Broncos haven’t made their decision on whether to keep Tebow as the starter next year. I think he is getting closer to securing the job every week, but the team is still open-minded.

You don’t think John Elway wouldn’t want to work with Manning? Hall of Fame quarterbacks usually are partial to Hall of Fame-in-waiting quarterbacks.

I do agree with Kiper’s top destination for Manning if he does leave the Colts. Washington's Mike Shanahan has always loved Manning and the two men get along well.