Chat wrap: Future in K.C.

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Scott from Northglenn, Colo.: Do you think that Tebow had his best game of the year in a loss vs. the Pats? Most of his passes were on target and impressive...

Bill Williamson: I do, yes. He made some nice throws. In every other start this season, he had stretches of bad quarterback play. I didn't see that in the New England game. Since the SD game on Nov. 27, Tebow has continued to make big strides

Kansas City

Al from Wausau, WI.: Bill, when Kansas City gets its injured starters back in 2012, do you feel they may have enough to contend for a division title? Might they still have an outside shot to get a division title yet this year?

BW: Yes, I think KC will be in the mix next year. There is a lot of talent on that team. For it to be 6-8 with all the major injuries it has had and its tough schedule is pretty impressive. Remember, a lot of people said at the start of the season that the Chiefs could go 8-8 and be improved from last year's 10-6 team because of the schedule. So, to play virtually the entire year without Charles, Berry and Moeaki and much of the year without Cassel, the Chiefs should be proud of themselves for their effort this season. The future is bright.


Rr8drfanrick from Sun Valley, CA.: Any chance of Mcfadden and Ford coming back Sat. against the KC?

BW: Neither player is practicing today. So, it's highly unlikely they want play Saturday at KC. Maybe next week against SD. McFadden has been out for two months and Ford has been out for six weeks.

San Diego

Maximus from SD: Odds of Norv Turner being back as head coach for the Chargers next year?

BW: ESPN's playoff predictor has the Chargers chances of making the playoffs at 18 percent. I'd say that is Turner's chances of returning. He needs to get his team to the playoffs. But if the Chargers do go 9-7 and aren't in the playoffs, San Diego ownership will have a tough decision to make.