NFL Any Era: Tim Tebow

What kind of collision would there be between Hall of Famer Willie Lanier and Tim Tebow? ESPN.com Illustration

ESPN is unveiling a cool project this week. The “Any Era” team. ESPN The Magazine and ESPN.com combined on a project in which 20 Pro Football Hall of Famers and ESPN’s John Clayton, a Pro Football Hall of Fame voter, put together a list of 20 current NFL players who they think could play in any era of the NFL.

The committee picked Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. He is No. 19 on the list.

It’s funny. It was debated hotly for the past few months whether or not the option-running Tebow could actually fit in this era. Yet, according to the Hall of Famers, Tebow could play in any era in NFL history partly because of his toughness and aggressive playing style.

Former Denver running back Floyd Little explained why he pushed for Tebow: “He might not be the greatest quarterback, but he could play at any position you want him to play at. He’s a guy I’d like to play with if I was still playing. He’s a winner, he’s mobile, strong, and gets the job done regardless, whether he’s blocking, throwing, running or just fooling you. He finds a way to win and people need to recognize that. A “W” is a “W” and it doesn’t matter how you get it, if you win ugly it’s still a “W.” Mechanics don’t play the game, people do.”

Added former Miami running back Larry Csonka: “I’m picking Tim Tebow, who’s a controversial choice. But that kid, a lot of people say he’s not a pure passing QB. But neither was Fran Tarkenton. You can take Tebow and compare him to a lot of quarterbacks over the years, great QBs who could roll out and be a threat. When it comes down to it, I think he can throw the long ball, maybe not consistently, but consistently enough to win. And in the final analysis, isn’t that what matters? He’s not going to statistically pass Dan Marino, but he may end up in a Super Bowl and Marino didn’t. He has a combination of things that come down to winning.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with the men the yellow jackets? Fill up the comments section below with your thoughts on Tebow’s selection to the Any Era team.