Mailbag: Tomlinson back in San Diego?

Eli from Pasadena, Calif., wants to know if I could see LaDainian Tomlinson playing for the San Diego Chargers again.

Bill Williamson: No, I don’t see that happening, Eli. I know Tomlinson, who has spent the past two seasons with the New York Jets, has said he’d be open to signing with the Chargers or any other team in the NFL. Still, I think the Chargers have moved on and would not be interested in bringing him back. Perhaps Tomlinson will one day retire as a Charger, but I don’t see him playing for them again.

Kyle Vinyard from Salem, Ore., wants to know if I think the Kansas City Chiefs could draft Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly.

BW: The Chiefs will look at the the offensive line and the defensive line, but Kuechly is certainly a name to consider. The Chiefs will pick either 11th or 12th depending on the outcome of a coin flip with the Seattle Seahawks.

Tyler from Hamilton, Ontario, wants to know if Denver Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas will prove he was a better pick than Dez Bryant.

BW: Thomas was the No. 22 pick and Bryant was taken two picks later in the 2010 draft. Bryant was considered the best receiver available in the draft. But the decision to take Thomas over Bryant was based on Bryant’s off-field issues. Bryant is a special player, but Thomas also has a high ceiling, plus he hasn’t had any off-field problems. The key with Thomas is his health. If he can stay healthy he has a chance to be a perennial Pro Bowl player.