Poll results: Orton should be Chiefs QB

According to our AFC West poll, the Kansas City Chiefs should re-sign Kyle Orton and make him their starting quarterback.

We asked readers Tuesday, who they think should be Kansas City’s quarterback. As of 4:35 p.m. ET Wednesday, 35 percent of the voters believed Orton should be the quarterback. He went 2-1 as Kansas City’s quarterback to end the season. As for three-year incumbent Matt Cassel, 26 percent of the voters believed he should be the starter. Second-year quarterback Ricky Stanzi received the support of 11 percent of the voters.

The always popular “someone else” received 29 percent of the vote. Many of those voters hope that player turns into Peyton Manning or perhaps Robert Griffin III. At this point, I think either of those options may be long shots.

The Chiefs brass has said it will bring in competition for Cassel. At this point, it will likely come down to signing Orton or keeping Cassel. If I had to guess, I think Cassel will be the Chiefs’ quarterback this season. This poll makes it clear that may not be the most popular option.

Thanks to everyone who played again.