Chiefs' choice: Carr or Routt?

The most interesting current story line in the AFC West is the Kansas City Chiefs’ flirtation with former Oakland cornerback Stanford Routt.

Routt’s visit in Kansas City extended to a second day Wednesday. He has already visited Buffalo and others are planned. But there is no doubt Kansas City is considering signing Routt, who was cut by Oakland last Thursday.

Making Kansas City’s interest in Routt even more intriguing is that one of the Chiefs’ top free agents is cornerback Brandon Carr. With No. 1 cornerback Brandon Flowers locked into a long-term contract and both Routt, 28, and Carr, 25, commanding starter’s money, there is only room for one or the other. The Chiefs are obviously comparing both Routt’s and Carr’s skills along with their contract demands.

Don’t discount the positive impact signing Routt would create. The Chiefs — who have $62 million in cap room — can virtually lock in two priorities and then concentrate on other needs on the open market by signing Routt now and giving the franchise tag to receiver Dwayne Bowe. They can’t franchise both Bowe and Carr. Securing Routt and Bowe before the start off free agency, which begins March 13, could be appealing to Kansas City.

I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. who he would rather have, Routt or Carr? He said he likes Carr just a bit more, but he’d have little problem seeing the Chiefs opt to sign Routt.

“I would prefer Carr to Routt, but not by leaps and bounds, both Carr and Routt are high end No. 2 CBs,” Williamson said. “I trust Romeo (Crennel) to coach up Routt, who has a ton of ability. I could see Routt thriving across from Flowers.”

Whether or not the Chiefs sign Routt, they deserve credit for exploring their options.