Denver TE would make sense in San Diego

With free agency just three weeks away, we will continue to look at potential pairings in the AFC West.

Here is one possible fit that may not stop San Diego Chargers' fans in their tracks, but it is one move that could improve the offense. It would also weaken a division opponent.

The Chargers could potentially making a play for Denver Broncos tight end Daniel Fells.

Fells, 28, came to Denver last season as a free agent from St. Louis and started 15 games for the Broncos last season. He had just 19 catches for 256 yards. But with the Rams during the 2010 season Fells notched 41 catches and showed he can be a receiving threat.

Denver quarterback Tim Tebow struggled to find the tight end last season even though Fells was open often. He did have value as a strong blocker. If Fells stays in Denver, he will likely be the starter.

Starting San Diego tight end Antonio Gates has missed a total of nine games in the past two seasons, so the Chargers may be interested in adding a reliable backup. The Chargers often use multiple tight end sets, so Fells would likely be on the field often. His strong blocking ability would help in the running game as well.

The Chargers have a lot to do in free agency, so finding a role tight end likely won’t be a top priority. But Fells will be affordable and he could be attractive to the Chargers if Denver does not keep him.