Miami DT may interest Chiefs, Chargers

Don’t be surprised if we see an AFC West bidding war between two 3-4 defensive teams for a massive defensive tackle.

Miami’s Paul Soliai is headed to free agency and I think both the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers will be interested in him. There will be a lot of interest in Soliai, but I wouldn’t be shocked if both the Chiefs and the Chargers make big plays for him.

He’d fill a need for both teams. He is a terrific anchor for a 3-4 defense. Soliai is 6-foot-4 and he weighs 355 pounds. While Soliai doesn’t put up a lot of numbers, coaches and scouts around the league think he is an upper-echelon player because he plugs the hole in the running game and he wears down offensive linemen.

That type of player has been exactly what has been missing from both the Chiefs and the Chargers.

The Chiefs have more cap room, so they may have more flexibility to get a deal done with Soliai. Also, the Chargers have other needs. But the Chargers are bent on getting better on defense and plugging Soliai on the defensive line would be a fine start.

San Diego could also have an advantage. Soliai went to Utah with San Diego safety Eric Weddle and the two players share an agent.