What rookie QBs fit for Broncos, Chiefs?

The Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs might both consider taking a quarterback in the draft. Let’s look at the top quarterbacks and the chances that they land with either team.

Andrew Luck, Stanford

Known for: Being one of the best overall prospects in the past several years. He is considered a sure thing.

Draft range: Barring a major upset, Luck will be the No. 1 overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts.

Chances of ending up in the AFC West: Yes, the Chiefs interviewed Luck on Friday, but Luck is going to be a Colt. It’s as simple as that.

Robert Griffin III, Baylor

Known for: Being a total package. The Heisman Trophy winner can run and throw. He is also known as a high-character individual.

Draft range: The St. Louis Rams are expected to put the No. 2 pick up for auction, sending it to the bidder that wants Griffin the most.

Chances of ending up in the AFC West: The Chiefs have met with Griffin and coach Romeo Crennel was smitten with him. There could be a chance Griffin ends up a Chief, but the price would be sky-high. I’d call it a real longshot.

Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

Known for: A former receiver, the athletic Tannehill is a skilled drop-back quarterback who is the third-best signal-caller in a pretty strong class.

Draft range: ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay thinks he’ll be a top-20 pick.

Chances of ending up in the AFC West: Kansas City did meet with Tannehill. Taking him at No. 11 may be a little high, but perhaps the Chiefs could trade down a few spots and still grab him. If he becomes a Chief, Tannehill will likely become the starter fairly soon. McShay had Denver taking Tannehill at No. 25 in hisInsider most recent mock draft, but the Broncos will probably have to trade up to get him and that's unlikely.

Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State

Known for: Being the old guy. Weeden will turn 29 during the 2012 season and he is older than NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers. Still, Weeden has NFL skills and the former New York Yankees farmhand is one of the most intriguing players in the draft.

Draft range: He could go late in the first round or in the first half of the second round, but Weeden raised some red flags with an erratic performance at the combine.

Chances of ending up in the AFC West: I think this is where we start to look for legitimate pairings for either Denver or Kansas City. If Weeden gets to the second round, I can see Kansas City grabbing him. If he gets to Denver’s spot in the second round, I think he will be a favorite to be taken there. Weeden might not have a long NFL career, but it could be productive.

Brock Osweiler, Arizona State

Known for: Being the big man. Osweiler is nearly 6-foot-7. Still, he is athletic, a leader and has a big arm. He is a player to watch develop.

Draft range: He’d have to be a workout star to be a first-rounder, but some team will take Osweiler in the second round, perhaps early.

Chances of ending up in the AFC West: Osweiler had a meeting with the Chiefs; he has to be considered a candidate for their second-round pick. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Denver ending up taking him, but it may have to trade up to get him.

Kirk Cousins, Michigan State

Known for: A solid player who has a chance to develop into a strong NFL presence.

Draft range: Cousins had a terrific combine and he is a strong second-round prospect. In fact, if he has a strong pro day, he could end up being a top-35 pick.

Chances of ending up in the AFC West: McShay thinks this is the player Denver could take a shot on in the second round. And because the talent level drops after Cousins, the Broncos may be compelled to make a play for him.

Nick Foles, Arizona

Known for: Foles might have been a better prospect had he come out last year — accuracy issues in 2011 hurt his draft stock. Plus, he didn't perform well at the combine. He ran slowly and struggled with some throws. However, he has a strong skill set and many NFL scouts think he can be a legitimate starter.

Draft range: He is like Weeden. A top-40 pick if indeed he doesn't go in the first round.

Chances of ending up in the AFC West: I think Denver cooled on him during last season, but with a strong pro day, Foles could get back on the Broncos' radar, and he’d be a good value pick in the third or fourth round. I think the Chiefs might have other favorites at this point.

Russell Wilson, Wisconsin

Known for: Wilson is athletic and has a big arm. However, he measured in at 5-11 at the combine — considered too short to be a productive NFL starter.

Draft range: Wilson is a third-day project.

Chances of ending up in the AFC West: I think if Denver is looking for a backup to Tim Tebow, Wilson might be worth putting in the program to see how he performs in the preseason. Drew Brees isn’t a giant, but he’s probably headed to the Hall of Fame, so Wilson is worth checking out.

Kellen Moore, Boise State

Known for: He was a prolific passer for the Broncos. He is rugged, smart and a playmaker. But, at 6 feet, Moore has the same problem Wilson has.

Draft range: Like Wilson, Moore is likely a third-day prospect.

Chances of ending up in the AFC West: I think any team looking for a quarterback may take a shot at Moore. At the very least, he could become a solid backup. He’s intriguing at the right spot.