Broncos strike fast with Manning visit

It seems like the Denver Broncos' plane definitely did not go to Miami for a Cuban sandwich.

The Denver Post is reporting Manning will be visiting with the Broncos on Friday night. This is the first known visit for Manning. It shows just how much the Broncos want him.

I was told by several people Thursday and Friday morning that Denver’s pursuit of Manning was not just a curious look-see. The Broncos are bent on getting Manning. They called his agents as soon as he was released by the Colts on Wednesday and the move to fly him to Denver shows the Broncos want to get a deal done ASAP.

It is likely that Manning will visit other teams, but the Broncos have to feel good about getting their hands on him now.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that Manning would prefer to stay in the AFC. Among the other AFC teams interested in Manning are the Chiefs, Dolphins and Jets. The Broncos are banking on their improved roster, the presence of legendary quarterback John Elway and the player-friendly approach of coach John Fox being selling points to Manning.

What does this all mean for Tim Tebow in Denver?

If Manning ends up a Bronco, Tebow will either be sent away in a trade or be kept to learn under Manning and perhaps play in some special packages. If Manning goes elsewhere, I think the Broncos continue to stick with Tebow as their quarterback heading into training camp.

The Broncos know opportunities to get a player of Manning’s caliber are rare. That’s why they are striking so early in this process.