What Brady Quinn signing means in K.C.

Random thoughts on Brady Quinn signing with Kansas City:

This seals it. Matt Cassel is the Chiefs’ quarterback for 2012. The team said he will have competition. Quinn is strictly a backup.

Unless the Chiefs pull a stunner and draft a quarterback in the first round (Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill would be the likely target at No. 11 in that case), Cassel will be the starter. That doesn’t mean Kansas City won’t draft someone like Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden or Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins in the second round.

As far as backups go, Quinn is solid. I’d rather see Kyle Orton stay, but he ended up in Dallas as a backup. Orton clearly didn’t want’ to stick around.

Quinn’s transition to Kansas City will not be difficult. He was drafted by Kansas City head coach Romeo Crennel in Cleveland in 2007 and he played one season for new Kansas City offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in Cleveland. Clearly, Crennel and Daboll think highly of Quinn.

The Quinn signing means the Chiefs are not comfortable yet with second-year player Ricky Stanzi taking the next step and becoming the No. 2 quarterback. He will likely be the No. 3 quarterback again. Stanzi needs to make big strides this year.

Quinn and Peyton Hillis are united. Denver traded Hillis to Cleveland for Quinn two years ago. Hillis signed with the Chiefs last week.

Quinn’s departure leaves a hole in Denver. The only quarterback Denver is currently concerning itself with is Peyton Manning. Once that situation is resolved, the Broncos will have to figure out their backup situation.