Will trading Tim Tebow be easy?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported the Denver Broncos have already received calls from teams about quarterback Tim Tebow.

Schefter said it is a sign the Broncos should be able to move him while ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Tebow will likely be released if the Broncos can’t find a trade partner.

Jacksonville, Miami and New England are among the teams interested in Tebow. He will likely be brought in as a backup anywhere he goes. Denver could get a mid-round pick in return, but don’t think the Broncos will sweat the compensation much. I think they just want to move on.

The Dolphins have an extra-round round pick it acquired from Chicago for Brandon Marshall, so it could give Denver a solid offer. Ironically, the Broncos drafted Tebow with their No. 25 pick after they traded Marshall to Miami two years ago. Tebow succeeded Marshall as No. 15 in Denver.

Schefter made a point that I agree with. He said several owners in the league may be interested in acquiring Tebow because of ticket sales and the popularity it could create. Tebow sells and the Broncos are hoping they find a buyer as they hand their offense to Peyton Manning.