Talking Peyton Manning with Bill Polian

Few people are more qualified to speak on the subject of Peyton Manning than Bill Polian.

He drafted Manning in Indianapolis in 1998 and was the Indianapolis Colts' vice chairman until earlier this year. Polian is now an ESPN analyst, and I caught up with him to discuss Manning’s pending signing in Denver. Here are some of the subjects he hit:

On the fit: “I think it’s a good fit. It’s a football-only ownership, a great town. The Broncos have a good defense with two good pass-rushers in Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil. They run the ball well with a good offensive line, and I like their receivers. They could use an upgrade at running back and receiver, but that is easy to do.”

On the Broncos’ chances of winning the division in 2012: “It’s a winnable division, and Peyton does make them better. Peyton makes them a viable contender.”

On the importance of Denver coach John Fox: “I think that is an understated aspect of this fit. John is a sound, very solid football coach. He will have a sound running game and he has the making of a really good defense. John is a very vital cog in this wheel.”

On whether he thinks some former Colts could join Manning in Denver: “[Tight end Jacob] Tamme is a real good fit, and Dallas Clark could be as well. I like Joseph Addai as a fit there, too, but he is not an every-down player anymore, but he doesn’t have to be there. Maybe Jeff Saturday would interest them, but I do already like their line.”