Raiders start offseason program

The Dennis Allen era is kicking off in Oakland on Monday.

The Raiders are one of six teams that can start their offseason programs. Teams with new coaches are starting Monday. Teams with existing coaches start April 16. The Chiefs are starting their offseason program on the 16th. Romeo Crennel is not considered a new coach because he finished last season as the interim head coach.

Allen, though, is new. He was Denver’s defensive coordinator last year. This offseason program starts with several new rules as part of the new CBA.

Offseason workout programs for teams with new coaches can run for nine weeks within a 12-week period. The other teams have a 10-week window with which to get in nine weeks. The programs cannot exceed four days a week and must be conducted Monday through Friday. Offseason workout programs have three phases with different rules for each. They are based on strength and conditioning, individual instruction and organized team activities.

Teams will hold mandatory minicamps after the draft. While the dates are tentative most of those camps will be held in June. The march to the 2012 season, though, begins when Raiders players report on Monday.