Remaining AFC West needs

With the draft in the books, let’s look at some of the remaining needs for each team in the AFC West:

Denver Broncos

Needs: Defensive line, safety, running back

Summary: It’s all for depth reasons, but Denver could use a defensive tackle and a backup running back for sure.

Kansas City Chiefs

Needs: Inside linebacker, offensive line,

Summary: The Chiefs are deep and they appear set. The above needs aren’t pressing.

Oakland Raiders

Needs: Cornerback, tight end, offensive line, running back, quarterback

Summary: I would like to see Oakland get deeper across the board. I’m sure they will look to add a tight end, cornerback and running back at some point. This roster will evolve all the way through the preseason. Perhaps Oakland will look at a veteran tight end such as Dallas Clark or Jeremy Shockey if the situation is right.

San Diego Chargers

Needs: Cornerback, offensive line, nose tackle, running back

Summary: San Diego has made many additions, but I can see the Chargers adding a veteran or two at a few spots just to deepen the roster as they did Monday with guard Rex Hadnot.