Poll results: Chargers are good to go

The San Diego Chargers -- according to the good folks of the AFC West blog -- are ready to make a playoff-contending run.

After the Chargers had a solid performance in free agency, they came back with a terrific draft. They drafted three potential impact defenders in the third round in the form of Melvin Ingram, Kendall Reyes and Brandon Taylor.

Our AFC West poll this week asked if the Chargers are ready to make a playoff run. As of 3:10 p.m. ET Wednesday, 55 percent of the votes tallied believed the Chargers are ready to make a playoff push, while 45 percent do not.

I tend to agree with the majority of the voters. I’m not saying the Chargers will definitely make the playoffs in 2012 because the division is getting together. The keys in San Diego are health, the projection of quarterback Philip Rivers and improved defense. I think the Chargers are as prepared as they can be for the season.

Thanks to everyone who played along.