Don't worry about Marcel Reece holdout

I know some Oakland Raiders fans are concerned about whether versatile fullback Marcel Reece will be part of the team this season.

Reece, an exclusive rights free agent, has still not signed his tender and he is missing voluntary OTAs. The Raiders signed fullback Owen Schmitt this week and Reece has hired an agent, Joel Segal, who recently had a high-profile player hold out while he worked out a new deal.

My thoughts on the Reece situation? Don’t worry about it. It will work itself out.

Reece will show up at some point and will contribute to Oakland’s offense. There are many, many players who stay away from teams in May. Let’s talk when September starts.

Reece is like every other holdout. He doesn’t have much choice but to play. Ultimately, they all show up.

Plus, Reece is a good player at a position that isn’t overly valued financially by teams. He doesn’t have a ton of leverage. He is a player who is still establishing himself. He will get paid and maybe it will be before this season. If not, he will have to continue to earn his new deal.

Yes, Reece is important to Oakland's offense. I’m not discounting that. He can help at fullback, running back, tight end and in virtually every down situation.

And just because Segal had a holdout in the past doesn’t mean every new client will hold out.

As for Schmitt, Oakland can’t be blamed for bringing him in. But I don’t think it was a power play against Reece. It was just a move to strengthen the offense. If Reece is in Oakland for the entire training camp, Schmitt may have a hard time making the team. But perhaps the coaching staff (Schmitt played for Oakland offensive coordinator Greg Knapp in Seattle) will figure out a way to keep both players. Either way, Oakland is just giving a good player a chance.

The reality is that Reece is a Raider and I expect him to continue to be a Raider in 2012.