Mailbag: Could K.C. leave the division?

Weekend mail call:

Lincoln from Kemmerer, Wyo., wants to know if the Kansas City Chiefs would be moved from the AFC West if a team other than the Raiders or the Chargers move to Los Angeles.

Bill Williamson: It’s an interesting question. Something would have to happen. Now that Minnesota is getting a new stadium; the current candidates to move to L.A. are the Chargers, Raiders, Bills, Jaguars and Rams. The easiest solution, if the team that moves to L.A. isn’t in the AFC West, would be for the Rams to move to L.A. They would easily stay in the NFC West. If the Bills or the Jaguars end up out West, eventually something would have to be done and because the Chiefs are the furthest East team in the division, an eventual move from the AFC West could be a possibility. Again, it’s down the road. If that happens, it would be a shame. The Chiefs forever belong in this division.

Christian from Greifswald, Germany, wants to know if I think the Raiders can re-sign receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

BW: I think that ship has sailed. The only way I see it happening is if the Raiders suffer a major injury at receiver or if the team is desparate for a veteran. Houshmanzadeh gave Carson Palmer a familiar target last year, but Palmer is now comfortable in Oakland. So, there really isn’t much need for Houshmandzadeh at this point.

Dylan from Hoxie, Kan., wants to know if Brandon Siler can push Jovan Belcher for a starting linebacker job in Kansas City.

BW: Siler suffered an Achilles injury last training camp. I like him from his San Diego days. The Chiefs like Belcher, but Siler is a pro and if he has a good training camp, he can press Belcher. At the very least, Siler will be good on special teams.