Fox on Manning: He looks the same to me

The Denver Broncos are continuing to carefully bring quarterback Peyton Manning along as he rehabilitates from a surgically repaired neck that cost him the entire 2011 season.

However, three-plus months prior to the start of the season, Manning’s new coach believes Manning looks in classic form during the team’s OTAs.

“I think he’s doing tremendous,” Denver coach John Fox told reporters in Denver on Monday. “Physically, he looks the same to me as he’s always looked. Whenever you get a new player out here, it’s a new language, and he’s making adjustments to that. Just like everybody else, we’re hoping they get better every day.”

As part of his process, Manning is airing out longer passes as OTAs progress. Manning is pleased with the progress of longer passes.

“Well, it’s an ongoing process for me,” Manning said. “It still is part of, like you said, trying to get comfortable. I still have work to do in my rehab, and that’s the good thing about these OTAs is you really see where you are on certain plays because you are making different types of throws, and you’re learning a lot, and you can know what to continue to work on even harder in your rehab and some things you may just not quite be ready for yet. I think you really do get a good gauge going against the defense, whereas before hand you’re just throwing [against] just air and you may not find out, and so this is good work from that standpoint.”

There are no guarantees about Manning’s health, but he is passing every test with flying colors thus far, and Fox’s words indicate the Broncos are confident they will reap the benefits of the Manning the NFL has seen since 1998.