Does YouTube star have a chance in K.C.?

The Kansas City Chiefs might not have found their future quarterback in the form of Alex Tanney.

However, the team did provide its players some training-camp entertainment this week. There’s no doubt, the Chiefs’ veterans will make Tanney show his passing magic tricks during the dog days of camp.

The team announced Tuesday that it signed Tanney, who attended Monmouth College (Ill.). Tanney set an NCAA Division III record with 14,249 passing yards and an NCAA mark with 157 touchdowns. Still, he wasn’t highly regarded by NFL teams. He was recently given a tryout by Buffalo, but was not signed. ESPN’s Mel Kiper ranked him as the 48th best quarterback prospect this year.

But Tanney does have a following. He became a YouTube sensation with this video. The homemade video allowed Tanney to display his amazing arm in an array of trick shots, including throwing a ball into a moving vehicle from his living room window, and making passes from rooftops.

Of course, the only way Tanney will make an impression in Kansas City is if he can make plays on the field. Hitting a moving truck won’t help his cause in the NFL.

The fact that Tanney put up big numbers in college makes him interesting. But, at this point, I think he is a long-shot prospect whose best chance is to stick on the practice squad this year. If any NFL team truly thought Tanney had a real chance to make its team, he would have been signed immediately after the draft.

Still, at the very least, he should provide some occasional summer entertainment. There’s always value in that.