Is Denarius Moore the next Greg Jennings?

Earlier this week, Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. gave his thoughts in an Insider piece on who he thinks will be the best receivers in the NFLInsider. Williamson thinks Oakland receiver Denarius Moore, a fifth-round pick in 2011, will be the best receiver in the division in three years.

What struck me when Williamson explained why he thinks Moore will be the 11th-best receiver in the NFL in 2015 was his comparison of Moore to Green Bay receiver Greg Jennings; Williamson thinks Moore can have the same type of role in Oakland that Jennings has in the Packers’ offense.

Jennings has been one of the more reliable receivers in the NFL for the past few years. I asked Williamson why Moore reminds him of Jennings and this is what he had to say:

“Their size/movement skills, their ability hit the home run deep downfield and that they can both nickel-and-dime a defense with underneath routes.”

Moore was a preseason star last year and ended up with 33 catches in his rookie turn out of Tennessee, with several big plays. He certainly looks like a potential star for the Raiders. Williamson is confident Moore will emerge as a star in the middle of the decade.

“I think he is just dripping with talent,” Williamson said. “He is already a big-time deep threat, who is very smooth and explosive with all of his movements. If/when he refines his game, and he doesn’t have a ton to do, I think he could have a similar career path as Jennings, but his quarterback situation obviously isn’t as strong.”