Percy Harvin in the AFC West?

I am somewhat hesitant to do this post because it is clear the Minnesota Vikings do not have any plans to trade unhappy receiver Percy Harvin.

However, I’ve been asked by many readers to look and see whether Harvin fits in the AFC West. Also, you never know if this deal will blow up and Harvin will actually be dealt. So here we go. Let’s look if Harvin would fit with the four AFC West teams.

Denver: I could see a fit. The Broncos have some money and adding an explosive receiver of Harvin’s ilk to Peyton Manning’s offense would help. He’d also make an impact as a return man. I could see potential interest.

Kansas City: The timing is probably wrong. If the team decided to not let Dwayne Bowe play out the final year of his contract and walk and if the Chiefs were sure Jonathan Baldwin was ready to shine, pursuing Harvin could make some sense. But I don’t really see it. A Bowe-Harvin trade you suggest? I think the Vikings would have to sweeten the pot some to make that work. Bowe’s a better player.

Oakland: I don’t see it. The Raiders have several young receivers they need to develop. Adding another one to the mix would be overkill. Plus, the Raiders need to keep their draft choices.

San Diego: Harvin would fit San Diego’s varied offense. But the Chargers feel great about their receivers and I don’t think there is room for Harvin. I’m not saying he wouldn’t help San Diego. I am saying the Chargers are satisfied with their receivers.