Chat wrap: Division's best defense?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Jamal from Hawaii: What happened to Marcus Thomas DT in Denver?

Bill Williamson: I guess he could come back but they have seemed to move on. DT depth isn't as big of a problem as it was a few months ago.

Kansas City

Taylor from Texas: Which AFC West team is most likely to have a championship caliber defense this season (for me, a championship defense, above all else, is great at rushing the passer and consistently forcing turnovers)?

BW: I think KC has the best defense in the division, particularly in the back eight. If Poe at the nose can be an instant difference maker, watch out.


THE Famous Darth from Classy Philly: At this point right now, who would you take: Rod Streater or Louis Murphy?

BW: Tough one, Dude. I mean for 2012, it's Murphy. But if Streater is good in the preseason, there has to be a spot for him. I could see Murphy being shopped -- a la Patrick Crayton -- on cut-down weekend. That is not a report, just a hunch.

San Diego

Tony from Richmond, CA.: Who will be the AFC West ROY?

BW: I'm a big Melvin Ingram guy. I expect big things right away.