Will Chiefs have their own Welker(s)?

How many Wes Welkers can one team have?

Especially, if we’re not talking about Welker’s actual team, the New England Patriots.

It seems former New England executive Scott Pioli may have his hands full of Welker-type slot receivers. Pioli's Kansas City Chiefs drafted Devon Wylie in the fourth round of the April draft. The Fresno State product has been compared often to Welker, and the Chiefs think the explosive Wylie can play an immediate role.

Wylie might not be the only Kansas City player who will play a Welker role, though -- Dexter McCluster is interested, too. After being primarily a running back last season, the third-year player will go back to being mostly a receiver this year, although he will also line up as a running back at times.

McCluster recently told the Bright House Sports Network that he's been watching extensive film of Welker. Of his Welker film study, McCluster said: “He’s not that big, but he gets open. He’s a competitor and you’re going to see the same guy from play to play, game to game and I want to be that guy.”

It makes sense. But again, how many Welkers can the Chiefs have? I checked in with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. on his thoughts of the roles of McCluster and Wylie in Kansas City’s offense. This is what he had to say:

“I’m not sure that there is room for two Welkers on the field, but I think both McCluster and Wylie could be that type of receiver. Good to have competition, actually. Both are obviously smallish, but they are very quick in and out of their cuts and operate in small areas very well. I need to see more of Wylie, but McCluster has good hands and is bright, which is important for a slot receiver that needs to make decisions very quick. Not to say that either will be in Welker’s class immediately, but Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel could use such a player.”

Maybe the Chiefs have bestowed two such Welker types upon Cassel.