AFC West fantasy nuggets

KC Joyner’s 2012 fantasy football guide is out. As usual, the Football Scientist doesn’t disappoint.

The guide is full of metrics you can’t find anywhere else. Here is a taste of Joyner’s thoughts on some AFC West players:

Willis McGahee was one of the most consistent ball carriers in the NFL last year. His 8.6 GBYPA [good blocking yards per attempt] ranked tied for 13th overall and was tied for fourth among running backs with at least 100 good blocking rush attempts. (Good blocking is very loosely defined as when the offensive blockers do not allow the defense to do anything to disrupt a rush attempt).

Matt Cassel still hasn't corrected his biggest weakness - vertical passing. His 9.5 vertical YPA (VYPA) ranked 27th in the league. He's had issues with that dating back to the year he was throwing passes to Randy Moss in his prime. If he doesn't fix those issues this year when he has a ton of offensive talent around him, it will be time for the Chiefs to throw in the towel on this experiment.

Malcom Floyd has the chops to be one of the better wide outs in the NFL, as his 13.1 VYPA ranked ninth out of 31 wide receivers to tally at least 30 vertical targets.

For more information on the guide, which is not free, check here.