Chat wrap: What must Matt Cassel do?

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Chad from Denver: Hey Bill, looking forward to seeing you at Broncos camp again. The Broncos have been criticized by some for not addressing their DT position, even Derek Wolfe is projected more as a power end. Is this an indication they feel good about a player like Sealver Siliga, who they have developed on their practice squad?

Bill Williamson: I think Wolfe will bounce back and forth. I think the unit is going to be OK, It's not great, but it's OK. There is some depth there. Bannan and Warren will help. As for Siliga, I hate relying on unproven players, but he has looked good so far. But he has to show it in the preseason. Ben Garland is someone to watch. Again, there are no great anchors here, but there are enough capable bodies.

Kansas City

Tae from Dallas: With everyone bashing Cassel, what will he need to do in order to have a "successful" season?

BW: He has to work with what he has, not turn the ball over and rely on his running game ... and get to the playoffs.


Johnny from RI: Bill, do you think the Raiders change to the WCO is less about Palmer and more about surrounding cast, including Pryor? Do you think Palmer's knee will hold up to the needed mobility to run this offense effectively?

BW: It all starts with the starting quarterback and Allen's decision to hire Knapp is no different. Allen told me in an interview that he thought Knapp and Palmer would be a perfect pair and that's one of the reasons why he hired Knapp.

San Diego

Charger boy from San Diego: What’s the news on safety Brandon Taylor is he going to contribute and how does he look in practice?

BW: He is a player to watch. I think he has a chance to be a stand out. Right now, though, the Chargers like free-agent pickup Atari Bigby as a starter. Taylor should get some playing time and he should play on special teams. But I expect Bigby to start this year. He has impressed the team this spring.