Steve Wisniewski out as Raiders assistant

Steve Wisniewski is no longer a coach with the Oakland Raiders.

A source close to the situation confirmed a tweet from Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports that Wisniewski is no longer the assistant offensive line coach with Oakland. He was going to assist new offensive line coach Frank Pollack. The Raiders are moving to a zone-blocking scheme. Wisniewski was the assistant offensive line coach in Oakland last year and he was considered a bright, young coach.

The source said Wisniewski decided not to coach because he wants spend more time with his family. NFL coaches work upward of 100 hours a week.

Wisniewski, a former Raiders offensive lineman, is expected to work with the Raiders is a lesser capacity, perhaps in a game-day role. Thus, his strong relationship with the team is intact.

His departure from the staff should not impact his nephew, Oakland center Stefen Wisniewski at all. He was a standout at guard as a rookie. He is transitioning to center. The source said Stefen Wisniewski understood his uncle’s decision.