Poll results: Deadlocked on Matt Cassel

Well, the votes are in and we just don’t know about Matt Cassel.


A first in our AFC West poll series, we have a tie. The question was if readers think Cassel, Kansas City’s quarterback, is good enough to lead the Chiefs to the playoffs this year. After nearly nine thousand votes were cast, we still don’t have an answer. As of 1:20 p.m. ET Wednesday, 50 percent of the voters believe Cassel is the answer for the Chiefs and 50 percent don’t believe Cassel is the answer.

With Tim Tebow shipped off to New York, Cassel is our new official most polarizing player in the AFC West.

I've been following this vote for the past day and I was surprised when the ‘yes’ votes had an early lead. I thought the ‘no’ vote would win pretty easily, because of all the negative emotions Cassel has invoked on this blog.

Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many ‘yes’ votes cast. With an outstanding supporting cast, I think Cassel can make a positive impact on this team. Thanks to everyone who played along.