Chargers dust off the Wildcat

SAN DIEGO -- Tim Tebow and the New York Jets are trying to give the Wildcat its sexy back.

Don’t look now; the San Diego Chargers -- who now have Wildcat original Ronnie Brown on their roster -- are perhaps going to do their part in resuscitating the once popular NFL trend.

However, unlike the Tebow-fest out east, the Wildcat will be utilized much more subtly out by the beach. Like most good Wildcat usage, the Chargers will likely use it in small doses.

During their walk-through practice Friday, the Chargers worked on some Wildcat as they have some this summer. With Brown on the roster, it only makes sense for the Chargers to use some of the formation. He excelled as a Wildcat back with Miami.

The Chargers have used the Wildcat as a small part of their offense in the past with Darren Sproles and Legedu Naanee as the featured back. San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers said Friday that the team’s previous success makes trying the Wildcat again worthwhile.

“It will never be a big part of what we do,” Rivers said. “But if we make defenses have to prepare for it, it’ll serve our purpose.”