Players adjust to labor issues again

SAN DIEGO -- A year after their own lockout ended, most NFL players do not want to think about labor strife as they are enjoying a summer of normalcy.

However, once again, they are forced to consider the ugly side of the game. The NFL and its officials are engaged in a lockout. Replacement officials will work the Hall of Fame game Sunday, and if a quick resolution isn’t made, the rest of the Week 1 preseason games —including the San Diego Chargers’ home game against Green Bay on Thursday -- will be played with replacement referees.

Asked about the issue Friday, San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers made it clear he’d like to see the situation resolved, but he said it’s not his deal.

“It's out of my hands, so I try not to worry about things I can’t control,” Rivers said.

Rivers said as a player, he knows the mindset of officials and it will be strange playing with other officials than what the players are used to.

For the time being, more labor-induced adjustments may have to be made.