Division has strong start to preseason

So far, so good for the AFC West.

Now, it’s up to the Oakland Raiders to finish strong. The first three teams in the division to play in the preseason have all been extremely impressive.

San Diego outplayed Green Bay and looked much improved on defense in a 21-13 win over the Packers. Every Denver unit dominated in a 31-3 win at Chicago. Kansas City’s first-team offense was spectacular and its defense shut down the Cardinals in a 27-17 win.

Oakland hosts Dallas on Monday night in a game broadcast on ESPN.

If Oakland isn’t as sharp as the other three teams were in Week 1 of the preseason, I wouldn’t think the Raiders should be alarmed. I’ve been on record many times saying that I don’t think the preseason means much. Just because Denver, Kansas City and San Diego were all impressive in Week 1 doesn’t guarantee anything.

But all three teams looked to have made improvements in the offseason, so the quality of play does give each organization confidence moving forward.

Now, it’s the Raiders’ turn.