Matt Cassel likes pace of Chiefs' offense

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- The first test has been completed, and the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense has proven to be off the charts.

The Chiefs’ first-team offense played two series and scored two touchdowns in the debut of new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in an eventual 27-17 win against Arizona on Friday. The cameo appearance by Kansas City’s first unit included a 12-play, grind-it-out scoring drive.

“It’s just one preseason game,” Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel countered Tuesday.

Of course, Cassel is right. Accomplishments made on Aug. 10 don’t carry any weight in September.

Yet, all these 2012 Chiefs know is what they have done to this point and Cassel admits, he is pleased with the progress this unit has made thus far.

Cassel was happy with the tempo of the offense. He said the average huddle break time was about 18 second, which he says is a good average for the regular season. Often, offenses are much slower early in the preseason.

“I really liked our tempo,” Cassel said. “That was a big thing.”

Cassel said it was important that all three offensive teams played well and clean. He says it shows the unit as a whole is coming along together.

The team passed another test, in Cassel’s eyes, when it returned to practice Monday and performed at a high level.

“Sometimes, when you come back to camp after a preseason practice is sloppy,” Cassel said. “But everyone worked at a high level and we got some things done. ...It’s early, but I really like the way things are going.”

At this point, that’s all Cassel can ask for.