Ricky Stanzi gets his shot with second team

ST. JOSEPH, MO. -- It is simply Ricky Stanzi’s turn.

Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel made it clear Wednesday that his decision to use second-year quarterback Ricky Stanzi as the second quarterback behind starter Matt Cassel on Saturday night at St. Louis is not an indication Brady Quinn is losing traction in the battle with Stanzi.

It’s just part of the competition process.

“When no one is head and shoulders above the other, that’s what you do,” Crennel said. “You want to see both players in a similar, equal situation to fairly evaluate the situation. That’s what we’re doing.”

Last week, against Arizona, Quinn spelled Cassel and Stanzi played after him. Both Quinn and Stanzi had their moments in the game.

Stanzi is certainly still in the mix, because they wouldn’t be giving him this opportunity if he wasn’t. But I think Quinn, who has previously played for Crennel and new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in Cleveland, has a slight edge over Stanzi, at least, for now.

Meanwhile, Crennel said Wednesday cornerback Brandon Flowers is not ready to practice. He bruised his foot 15 days ago. With the season starting in 25 days, Flowers may not get much preseason playing time.

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