Bad follows good as preseason moves on

Last week was a banner week for most of the AFC West.

Denver, Kansas City and San Diego were all stellar in Week 1 of the preseason. In the second week, however, all four division teams were pretty sloppy.

Again, I’m not a big believer in what happens in the preseason having a major bearing in the regular season. The preseason is a time for working through the kinks and trying new things.

Week 2 showed that all four of the teams have work to do, which is expected.

Denver's Peyton Manning and San Diego's Philip Rivers have been intercepted three times each during the preseason; Oakland's Carson Palmer was picked off twice. All four of the offenses have seen rough patches and all four teams have dealt with worrisome injuries.

Kansas City’s first-team defense allowed two touchdowns against St. Louis on Saturday, prompting a tongue-lashing from head coach Romeo Crennel, who, among other things, said "no one really played good" on the Chiefs defense.

Just like last week when all was good, the bad week is just part of the process and life in the NFL as teams prepare for the regular season. Don’t get too high about the highs or too low about the lows.

It’s only August.