Peyton Manning working to find right way

It appears that one of the biggest challenges for Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning as he comes back from a serious neck injury is throwing to his right.

ESPN guru John Clayton pointed it out to me this summer. While he thought Manning was his usual self throwing to his left, he had issues throwing to the opposite side. After two preseason games Clayton explained to me that he thinks Manning has improved in the area but that he still has problems when the passes are more than 10 yards. He believes Manning will continue to improve, and more importantly, will have overall success.

I talked to Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. and he said he too has noticed that Manning seems more comfortable throwing to his left. I asked if he thinks opposing defenses can close up that side of the field and force Manning to throw to his right on a regular basis during the season.

Williamson said it could be an issue for Denver, but because Manning’s game is predicated on adjustments and on the mental side of the game, he will work through the issues.

“If anyone can do what is needed to get away with throwing with field limitations, it is No. 18,” Williamson said.

Manning has been upfront this summer that he is a work in progress and that he is not 100 percent. His imperfections throwing to his right is an example of the challenges he faces as he embarks on this comeback.