Can Terrelle Pryor pass another test?

The most intriguing player on the field in any of the final preseason games of the summer is probably Terrelle Pryor.

The second-year Oakland quarterback thrust himself into the spotlight with a dazzling performance against the Detroit Lions in the second half of an Oakland Raiders’ win. After a shaky training camp and a poor showing in the first two preseason games, Pryor was phenomenal against the Lions.

He had a 59-yard run and a 17-yard touchdown run. But most importantly, he had passing success. He was 3-of-5 passing for 137 yards and with two touchdown passes to rookie Juron Criner.

Pryor will likely play extensively Thursday night at the Seattle Seahawks. I want to see him continue to throw the ball well as we all know he can run.

The difference between Pryor having a legitimate chance to be a starting quarterback some day or just being a fast, athletic preseason novelty will be his passing game. His biggest problem throwing the ball has been consistency. If he can deliver a second straight good preseason showing, the Raiders -- who will likely figure out some packages to feature Pryor occasionally in the regular season -- could feel good about Pryor as a potential starter down the road.

With starter Carson Palmer turning 33 in December and showing signs of decline the past four years, Oakland may start thinking about grooming a potential starter soon. If it doesn’t have faith in Pryor, the Raiders see th drafting a quarterback early next year.

Pryor is going to be the No. 3 quarterback this season, but Thursday is his chance to let the team know he should be their first option in the future.