Herm Edwards: Norv Turner is elite coach

Whether it was covering him when he was the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs or talking to him and watching him as an analyst on ESPN, what I’ve always appreciated about Herm Edwards is he says what he feels.

He may raise an eyebrow or two with his opinions, but they are his opinions and he means what he says. I’m sure Edwards is raising many a brow Tuesday with his NFL head-coach rankings in an Insider piece on ESPN.comInsider.

The center of his rankings is right here in the AFC West. Edwards calls San Diego coach Norv Turner an elite coach. It shocked the league that Turner was kept in San Diego after last season, a second straight playoff-less year in San Diego.

Still, Edwards points to Turner’s lengthy experience as an NFL head man, his win totals and his reputation as a brilliant offensive mind for his status as an elite coach. I’m sure Edwards will have many people questioning this call. But ask folks around the NFL about the great offensive minds and Turner is usually at the top of the list.

Edwards also puts Denver coach John Fox in the elite status. I agree. Fox is an underrated coach, who is air-tight in his preparation, loved by his players and in the upper-echelon of defensive thinkers in the league. He has quickly changed the culture in Denver.

Edwards put Kansas City first-year coach Romeo Crenel in the “jury is still out” category. That’s fair. Crennel is beginning his second head-coaching stint after a mostly disappointing time in Cleveland, but the early returns on Crennel in Kansas City have been promising.

Edwards really didn’t rank first-year Oakland coach Dennis Allen, instead putting him in with the other first-year coaches.

OK, I’m stepping out of the way now. I’m sure you all have plenty to type. Commence the chaos.