Johnson: 'Interesting' to face Berry

One of the best personnel matchups in the AFC West in Week 2 will develop in Buffalo when the Chiefs visit the Bills.

Kansas City safety Eric Berry tore his ACL in Week 1 last season when he was blocked by the Bills' Steve Johnson. Many people, Berry included, wondered if Johnson’s block was too low. Johnson has denied any wrongdoing.

“It is going to be fun,” Johnson said Wednesday when asked about facing Berry. “It is going to be interesting. We will see what happens. However he feels is however he feels. I already said it before that I have never been a dirty player and I never try to take somebody out. I know the work put in to get where he is and where I am. I have said it before but it is enough already. We will meet up on Sunday.”

I haven’t seen any quotes from Berry this week about the situation, which is not surprising. Kansas City coach Romeo Crennel downplayed the situation Wednesday. He said he doesn’t expect it to be an issue this weekend.

“I know Eric has mentioned that last year, during the offseason, I think it was,” Crennel said. “He hasn’t mentioned anything this year other than trying to win the game.”

While this is a potentially juicy storyline, I bet once the game starts, it will be a normal game for both Berry and Johnson. Berry is a smart player. I don’t see him going out of way to pay Johnson back or anything. But, of course, if the opportunity for a clean hit on Johnson arises, I’m sure Berry will gladly take it.