Romeo Crennel will continue double duty

We knew this was coming.

Kansas City Chiefs coach and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel is being put on the hot seat.

After being promoted from interim head coach/defensive coordinator to head coach, Crennel decided to retain the defensive duties. After two games, it is his defense that is the primary reason for the team being 0-2. The Chiefs have allowed 75 points already. Crennel was asked Monday if he has the ability to maintain the coordinator job in addition to his head-coaching duties.

Crennel remained steadfast.

“Yes. I think so, yes, definitely,” Crennel said during his news conference. “I’ve done both jobs before. I haven’t done both of them at the same time before. I’ve been a defensive line coach and a defensive coordinator before, so I’ve done dual roles in the past. I kind of understand what it takes. I think that going forward, we will get better. If we play the play that we need to play the way we need to play it, then you wouldn’t even be asking the question.”

My thoughts? Crennel is a proven defensive coach. He didn’t forget how to coach defense. The Chiefs’ defensive woes are not all on him. But it is on him to correct it.