Total QBR: Peyton Manning is No. 2

A look at the AFC West Total QBR leaders through Week 5:

1. Peyton Manning, Denver

Total QBR: 80.5

NFL rank: 2

Comment: Manning’s play is not the reason why the Broncos are 2-3.

2. Carson Palmer, Oakland

Total QBR: 63.1

NFL rank: 14

Comment: Palmer is hoping to impact in some victories now that the Raiders have had their bye.

3. Philip Rivers, San Diego

Total QBR: 61.8

NFL rank: 16

Comment: Rivers has to make sure the turnover problems don’t escalate.

4. Matt Cassel, Kansas City

Total QBR: 45.8

NFL rank: 25

Comment: Have we seen the end of Cassel this season as the starter?