Mailbag: Is Crennel in trouble?

Weekend mail call:

Dave from Xenia, Ohio, wants to know if I think the Chiefs could fire Romeo Crennel after one season.

Bill Williamson: Things would have to get really bad. Yes, they are bad, but everything would have to fall out of control. Crennel is far from being out of control. Everyone in the organization believes in him. The only way he could get fired is if general manager Scott Pioli gets fired as well and the new leadership cleans house. I know many fans want that to happen, but I fully expect, at this point, for the Hunt family to give Pioli another year. They believe in him and thus, they believe in Crennel.

Jay Breesy from San Diego wants to know if I think the Chargers have the best defense in the AFC West.

BW: Right now, I’d say yes. I don’t think any of the defenses in the division are special, but the Chargers’ defense has made great strides and is very physical and aggressive. Things can change, but they’d get my vote through Week 5.

Tim from Chicago wants to know why Kansas City receiver Jon Baldwin has started slow.

BW: Good question. A lot was expected from him. Yet, through five games, Baldwin has 11 catches for 174 yards. He is showing promises, but is not ready to be a major contributor yet. I think it will come for him. He has skills and there have been flashes.