At the bye: San Diego Chargers

Here is a look at the Chargers and what needs to be done after the break.

Record: 3-3.

Reason they are in their current state: The Norv Turner era has been defined by collapses. But the Chargers’ collapses in the past two weeks have been epic. San Diego gave up a 24-point halftime lead to Denver in Week 6 and a 10-point second-half lead at New Orleans in Week 5. Had the Chargers not given up those two big leads, they would be 5-1 and they would be in total control of the AFC West. Instead, they head to the bye with questions about Turner’s job security again and people wondering if this program can ever stop self-destructing.

Best player so far: Safety Eric Weddle. He has been tremendous. He is playing at an All-Pro level and some scouts think he may be the best safety in the NFL right now. The San Diego defense is improved and Weddle is a big reason why.

What needs to be done: The Chargers just need to stay the course. They are far from a bad team. These last two losses will sting. But San Diego has to use the bye week to get over the hurt and move on. The schedule is very manageable in the coming weeks. The Chargers simply need to focus on finishing games and they will be fine.

Fearless forecast: I think the Chargers will stay in the playoff hunt. The AFC is wide open and the Chargers have the ability hang with Denver in the division race and in the wild-card hunt. They just have to come out against Cleveland in Week 8 and erase the immediate past and move forward.