Mailbag: Give Ricky Stanzi a chance?

Weekend mail call:

Max from Fort Benning, Ga., wants to know what I think the Broncos’ biggest offseason priority will be.

Bill Williamson: Middle linebacker or defensive tackle. I think Denver should take the best front-seven players available. The Broncos' current group has talent, but needs playmakers on the defensive side. Right now, the top choice is a middle linebacker. Notre Dame’s Manti Te'o would be a great fit, but I doubt if he will be available when Denver picks.

Jason from Missouri wants to know if I think the Chiefs should give Ricky Stanzi a chance to play this season.

BW: You know, Jason, it might just come down to that. Why not? If the Chiefs’ season continues to unravel and Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn can’t do anything at the quarterback spot, give Stanzi a chance. What would it hurt? If he shows promise, the Chiefs could give him time next year. If he fails, the Chiefs will know they exhausted all of their current options and can move on with finding a new quarterback in the offseason. Stanzi, a fifth-round pick last year, could be in the mix in the final quarter or so of the season.

Steve from Fremont, Calif., wants to know if I think both the Broncos and the Chargers could make the playoffs.

BW: Well, both need to show some consistency. But since there are just two teams in the AFC -- Baltimore and Houston -- with winning records, the conference is obviously wide open. Again, both Denver and San Diego have plenty of improving to do as the season progresses.