Rookies snap up experience

The folks at ESPN Stats & Information have put together a great chart on rookie snap counts. Let’s look at some significant AFC West figures.

Total snaps by team

1. Denver Broncos: 513

2. Kansas City Chiefs: 499

3. San Diego Chargers: 326

4. Oakland Raiders: 298

What does it mean? The majority of Denver’s snaps come from second-round pick starting defensive end Derek Wolfe. Denver is getting some production from picks throughout the draft. Kansas City is getting good production from its top picks, nose tackle Dontari Poe and guard Jeff Allen, who has been a nice injury replacement. San Diego is getting solid work from top picks Melvin Ingram and Kendall Reyes. Expect third-string pick, safety Brandon Taylor, to potentially get some snaps in the coming weeks. Oakland, which had just five picks, is getting good snaps from linebacker Miles Burris. His playing time should only increase.

Top five individual pick snaps

1. Derek Wolfe, Denver, defensive end, second round 395

2. Jeff Allen, Kansas City, guard, second round, 269

3. Dontari Poe, Kansas City, defensive tackle, first round, 209

4. Miles Burris, Oakland, linebacker, fourth round,195

5. Kendall Reyes, San Diego, defensive lineman, second round, 174

What does it mean? What stands out is the production from picks spanning the second round on. All of these players were considered future projects, but they are all contributing now. Even though he was picked at No. 11, Poe was considered a project, so he too is also getting excellent early-career work.