Poll results: TowelGate is a big deal

Many readers think that the NFL investigation that the San Diego Chargers used a sticky towel is a big deal.

In our poll this week, as of 2:40 p.m. ET Wednesday, 58 percent of the voters believe it is serious, while 42 percent do not think it is major.

The NFL has confirmed it is investigating the Chargers after officials found a stickum-like substance in a towel that a San Diego equipment manager brought onto the field during a timeout against Denver, a 35-24 Broncos win. Such substances are banned. The Chargers could be fined or even lose a draft pick.

San Diego coach Norv Turner has denied the Chargers have anything wrong. He said the Chargers used a towel that is widely used in the league. The president of the towel company has backed Turner and said his product has probably been used by players of every NFL franchise over the past decade.

If Turner is right, I don’t think this is a huge deal. If he is wrong, it is a big deal. In the end, I could see the Chargers being made an example of, but unless there is more evidence we don’t currently know about, this is fairly minor and it is not in the scope of Spygate or BountyGate. But time will tell.

Thanks to everyone who played along.