Chat wrap: Big game for Chargers

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Derek from Georgia: Bill, Do you think that Trindon Holliday can have an impact for the Broncos in the return game this year. I know that he had a costly fumble on a punt last week but he's got potential. Why isn't he returning kicks also because (Omar) Bolden has been horrible?

Bill Williamson: The fact that Denver didn't cut him right after the SD game means the Broncos like him and they want to give Holliday a chance. Why not? There are no other answers.


The Prince from KCMO: What's up BW, I was wondering what you think it would take from a winning standpoint for Romeo Crennel to keep his job in Kansas City after this season?

BW: I think it's simple: If Scott Pioli is kept, so will Crennel. If there is a new GM, there will be a new coach. If I had to guess right now, I'd say they are both coming back.


Tarek from NYC: Do you think the Raiders will leave (Michael) Huff at corner after this season? Or is this still just a temporary fill in situation?

BW: Good question. I think when (Ron) Bartell and (Shawntae) Spencer come back, Huff may go back to safety, but perhaps Huff could be switched back to CB next year with the help of a full offseason at the spot.


Jeremy from Georgetown KY.: What do you think the Chargers record will be this year?

BW: I think it depends on what happens Sunday at Cleveland. If the Chargers win and get that terrible taste of the two blown losses out, they have a shot to roll a bit because their schedule eases. But if they lose, they could go in the tank.