Champ Bailey prepares for a different Brees

Drew Brees' last game as a member of the AFC West came in the final week of the 2005 regular season. Many thought it may be the last game of his career after he had a major shoulder injury at Denver that day.

The Chargers moved. Brees, of course, went to the New Orleans Saints where he has become a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Denver cornerback Champ Bailey didn’t think that this would be the case after seeing Brees get injured. Sunday will be just the second time Denver and Bailey will face their former division foe and Bailey is impressed by Brees’ path since.

“I don’t see him that often, as far as on the field, but he’s just … I really can’t pinpoint what it is because it’s like he turned into a different player when he left San Diego,” Bailey told reporters Thursday. “I don’t know if it’s the system or what, but I tell you the guy has the ability to make every throw and make every DB in this league look stupid. I don’t know how he does it. He’s been special since he got to New Orleans.”

Did Bailey expect Brees to have this type of impact in New Orleans?

“No, not at this level,” Bailey said. “He’s fortunate enough to have the rehab and to bounce back like he did. You could tell how determined he was because for him to sell himself to a coach, to spend the money and the time to bring him in as a free agent, it says a lot about what he thought about him. I’ve got to give him a lot of credit. He’s played great up to this point.”