No AFC West trades made

It appears Thursday's NFL trading deadline, which expired at 4 p.m. ET, has passed without any movement in the AFC West.

No deals have been announced invoking any AFC West teams, and it’s no surprise as there usually isn’t much movement on the NFL trade front.

The one player in the division who could have made some big noise in a trade was Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe. We didn’t expect the pending free agent to be dealt, especially with the Chiefs hours away from playing in San Diego. Still, as we reviewed Saturday, there was an argument to be made for a Bowe trade.

But it appears that didn’t happen. So odds are Bowe will leave in free agency in 2013, and the Chiefs will have to settle for a 2014 compensatory pick for him.

Meanwhile, this ESPN Stats & Information piece looks at how Vincent Jackson’s departure has affected San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers.